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Winter Specials


Lavender Shea Butter Wrap

This winter, pamper your skin with a soothing and relaxing Lavender Shea Butter Wrap. This service begins with a dry brush buff to get rid of dead skin cells, then you are slathered with heated lavender Shea Butter and wrapped up burrito-style in a warm cocoon for your skin to drink up the healing elixir. While resting in your cocoon, your therapist will massage your head and neck.

45 min ~ $60 (reg $65)


Organic Gemstone Facial

This healing and grounding facial helps reduce inflammation and puffiness, relieves headaches and tension, and restores balance and moisture to the skin. Advanced facial lymph and acupressure massage using lifting and sculpting techniques, along with precious gemstones, plump the skin and smooths out fine lines to improve facial definition for a lifted, toned appearance and glowing complexion.        75 minutes ~ $120 (reg $130)

Signature Massage with Arnica or CBD Infusion

Our sixty minute Signature Massage enhanced with healing herbal compression therapy into areas where muscle tightness is a concern.

60 min ~ $85 (reg $100)


Aromatherapy Essential Balance

A comforting and deeply relaxing essential oil treatment that uses specific oils which have anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. The oils are gently applied to the body’s natural reflex points via light strokes with the fingers, which stimulate energy impulses and absorption of the oils.

60 min ~ $70 (reg $80) *Only offered Wednesdays in December

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