Sagging Skin  isn’t the result of just one  cause, however. There are several factors that contribute to the  drooping  of  skin  that was once taut, firm and supple. Of course, the most common  cause  for  sagging skin  is simply aging. As you age, your skin  begins to lose its natural elastin and collagen.
The best natural tip – Nourish & Massage your skin daily with 1 MINUTE FACELIFT.

Other Natural Remedy Treatment ~
Egg whites build up layers on the skin called a hydrolipid, which protects the skin against germs and keeps it elasticity = 2 egg white organic with natural plain yogurt, mix and spread on skin, leave on for 30 min. (no more than 3x a week)
Natural Face Mask: 1 tbl. aloe and 1 tbls. coconut oil – 1 tbls honey
mix all together leave on face for 20 min