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Face Lift Acupuncture – Starts at $95

Helps to improve muscle tone and dermal contraction, especially in the face and neck. It has been shown to increase collagen production and elastin, helping to firm the skin and fill out wrinkles. Bags and sagging around the eyes, face and neck can be significantly reduced. Come rejuvenate your face naturally.

Orthopedic Acupuncture for Pain – Starts at $75

 Includes treatment on Migun Massage Bed with special focus on neck and shoulders with Cupping and Gua Sha (scrapping). Acupuncture is recognized as a safe and effective treatment for menstrual pain, neck and back pain, joint pain, migraine/headache and chronic pain.


5 Element Acupuncture – Starts at $25

Through pulse diagnosis we will see where the cause of particular diseases is originating from, and where to associate signs or symptoms to particular organs and afflictions. In the context of Five Element theory it helps to explain the processes that are occurring the body throughout various stages of disease and healing.



Sarah Fields is a graduate of Five Branches University in Santa Cruz where she earned her clinical Masters Degree and is a doctorate candidate in Acupuncture. She has over 3,000 hours of clinical training in Traditional Chinese Medicine. While at FBU she mentored under Kiiko Motzumoto trained Holly Guzman & Fertility Guru Shasta Tierra. Sarah is additionally trained in 5 element Acupuncture (psycho spiritual imbalances) by completing a 2 year clinical Integration program in 5 elements with leader in the field Lonny Jarret. Sarah is a nationally certified licensed acupuncturist and holds a state license in Western North Carolina.

Before setting up private practice Sarah volunteered countless hours and trips with Acupuncturists Without Borders in disaster relief efforts. She served overseas in Nepal providing pain and Post traumatic stress disorder treatments after and earthquake devastated the region in 2015. In Greece she served at the Syrian Refugee Camps and set up safe zones for women and children and provided Yoga therapy and acupuncture. Sarah also has experience working with Veterans and has treated in numerous battlefield acupuncture community settings providing pain relief and PTSD treatments. Sarah is considered a top 5 Agent of Change next to Darryl Hannah by the Huffington Post.

With a compassionate, simple and effective approach Sarah treats Insomnia to Infertility and everything in between. Pain being the most common ailment. Sarah focuses heavily on detoxification programs offering some form of detox in each treatment i.e. ionic foot bath, migun bed, cupping, or infrared heat therapy. She has taught yoga therapy for 15 years in infrared & believes whole heartedly in the benefits of sweating.

She has numerous certifications in Detox protocols for GI health/weight loss and continues to take her clients through gentle cleanses for Optimal Health.

Prior to joining the Acupuncture Community Sarah received her bachelors degree in Nutrition and Psychology at the University of Arizona where she created undergrad clubs in Integrative Medicine overseen by Dr Andrew Weil. Sarah grew up in a family of Bionetic engineers and health moguls and wishes to continue her studies and serve as many people as possible.


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