Body Treatments

Body treatments will stimulate cell renewal, making your skin more resilient. This helps to prevent wrinkles, signs of aging, and improves overall skin tone as well as helping you eliminate surface impurities, and draw out toxins.
Not only do full body treatments stimulate cell renewal, they can transform the look of your skin!

Aromatherapy Essential Balance

Comforting and deeply relaxing treatment that uses essential oils on the body reflex points that are gently effectively applied to the body using lymphatic and reflexology techniques to enhance the absorption of the oils.

Essential oils help to bring the body into balance by opening energy centers that support the immune system and emotional systems to compliment the body’s natural healing

60 minutes ~ $80

Organic Exfoliating Scrub

A gentle yet effective exfoliation that stimulates cell renewal and leave skin soft and supple. Choose between nourishing sugar and re-mineralizing salt.

Salts are packed with minerals to buff away dead skin cells. Salt, itself, has antiseptic properties and is more “detoxifying” to the skin,
Sugar on the other hand, tends to be much gentler on skin and ideal for those with sensitive skin. Lastly, there is a bit of a chemical exfoliant component to sugar scrubs thanks to the naturally occurring AHA—glycolic acid.

45 minutes ~ $60
Includes shower

Seaweed Ocean Wrap

A wrap that begins with dry skin body brushing to stimulate lymphatic flow, then an anointment of essential oils are applied at reflex zones on the body, followed by the application of warmed seaweed. You are wrapped and encouraged to relax as your skin soaks up the seaweed, abundant in vitamins and minerals.

75 minutes ~ $115
Includes shower

Shea Butter Body Wrap

A treatment that hydrates and regenerates the skin. For centuries the healing properties of shea butter have been used to heal and moisturize dry skin, scalp and hair. Your body is dry brushed to stimulate the lymphatic system followed with a shea butter enriched lotion massage. You are comfortably wrapped to relax in a warm cocoon to encourage the absorption of the shea butter. Your skin will be left feeling smooth, hydrated and soft.

45 minutes ~ $65

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