There is no higher priority to our Elements Spa Family than the care and safety of our customers. In the current climate, it is important for all of us to be more conscious of hygiene practices and that is why we want you know at Elements Spa we always keep hygiene as one of our highest priorities.

Therefore, we will continue to ensure that the environment at Elements Spa remains a clean and naturally healthy environment to which you can escape and experience immune support, healing therapies, education and products.

In keeping with our continued commitment to a healthy environment for us all, we constantly diffuse pure essential oils into the Spa and Retail atmosphere thereby assisting in eliminating bacteria and viruses. These antiviral essential oils support your immune system and encourage faster healing, and are incredibly useful for killing topical and airborne bacteria and viruses, specifically Tea Tree /Lavender and Thieves essential oil blends.

These oils enable us to keep sanitized touch points including; door handles, hand-rails, front desk counters, spa tables and all other areas where we might come in contact with germs.

We also have these blends in our retail shop for hand sanitizers, and cleaners as well as for use in home diffusers.

Thank you for entrusting us with your wellness.

Patti, and all of the Elements Spa Family